A Time Traveler’s Diary

Is there anyone who doesn’t dream of time travelling ? The thought of whats holding the future , the surprises and tragedies that awaits us and what’s to become of it will provoke everyone’s curiosity . As much as i wanted to know about my future and the future of the humanity as a whole , i would rather prefer travelling to the past if i am left with a single choice to make . What do you prefer ? A flashback story  (could be boring) or seek the bar straight in to the climax ?

So do we have a time machine yet ? Yes and No . I happened to be dropped straight in to the past only recently , where the men live in wooden houses with roofs made out of bamboo peels , mules being the only means of logistics other than the men themselves , where your mobile phones feels like a toy from future , or the people who cares about nothing but today. I wanted to ask them what year or month is it but anyway they doesn’t seems to care. They could tell its post monsoon or Pre-winter but hey the year , month and dates are insignificant. I walked down  a stream and stare straight to the reflection i saw. How impure i am wanting all the attention , health , wealth and power . When you can live for what you need you always craved for what you wanted. I took a handful of water and wiped my face. Does it help ? No , it only makes the water impure.


Trekking through the Annapurna sanctuary  was indeed a time travel. Moving from one village to another , one mountain to another, one culture to another you happen to be passing through different phases of civilization. The more you go up , the more you gets to the past. Coming from a crowded city with people dwelling like worms and never ending traffics , i find Nepal so peaceful and pure. The occasional flocks of sheep or mules were the only traffic we encountered. People work really hard to meet the two ends of their life yet at the end of the day we find them smiling , happy or satisfied with what they have. I envy them for how they could embrace the simplicity while we are busy scheming for what we don’t need.

For the Nepalese Annapurna is the universal and timeless kitchen Goddess . The mother who feeds. Without her there is starvation. A universal fear. For me she is the kaleidoscope which gives a reality check of what we are , for what we actually are, Nothing !


Rain in the mountains !

This was a stunning image of the sun playing hide n seek over dhaulader ranges of himalayas taken from the top of Triund hill.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


We were staying at dharamkot and so planned our hike to begin early in the morning.sadly The trek hits the dust before it even begins as we woke up  straight in to a heavy rain. Once the rain took a little break we decided to move according to the plan. Locals warned us looking at the clouds looming high above triund. It indeed was very risky . Rain in the mountains are nothing like we would ever been to.
We stopped at the himalayan tea stall for breakfast .the chai shop owner inspired us and reignite our lust to conquer the mountains or be submitted in front of them i don’t really know what to call . We Hired a cab until gallu devi temple from were the hike usually starts.
The stormy rain shrinks to a little drizzle but the dark clouds were all over the mountains laughing and taunting us, filling our hearts with fear.with a weather like this the guard is never going to allow us to go any further. We were stupidly stubborn to understand the risk so the guard starts showing pictures of a dead man who fall from the hill last day. Slowly The reality starts kick in. We could either leave or wait n pray for a miracle.
There was a tea shop nearby which offers chai with some old books . I settled with hari kunzru’s “transmission” sipping and turning the pages as the time pass by.
Quite suddenly the clouds parted to let through the beautiful sun rays. And just like that my fears dissolved and i know in my gut this trek was going to be magical and so it was.